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How Does Jenny Craig Food Taste?

Probably, you have heard about the amazing effect of Jenny Craig diet, but are not sure how does Jenny Craig food taste. It's ok, but we will make your life easier by preparing this article so that you will not waste your time, money, and efforts because you will be aware of the Jenny Craig food reviews. Let's figure out whether Jenny Craig food is tasty. Let's begin our research.

What does Jenny Craig food taste like?


  • Ranchero Breakfast Skillet: is such a yummy food, especially after adding a spoon of salsa fresca and Greek plain non-fat yogurt.
  • Florentine Breakfast Pizzas: many clients like it, claiming they could eat it few times a week. It is all eggs, cheese, and spinach.
  • Breakfast Scramble: meatish stuff, eggs, and potato are pretty tasty.
  • Sunshine Sandwich: contains only 210 calories and can be used instead of Starbucks sandwich or egg McMuffin.


  • Beef & Cheese Slider: is like a cheeseburger, where you can add a little lettuce or mustard. Rather tasty.
  • Stuffed Shells: are in marinara sauce and spinach. Tastes rather good.
  • Beef Chow Mein: contains a pretty much amount of veggies in it and is rather spicy.
  • Pasta Ole: is pretty good (pasta in tomato sauce, bell peppers, black beans, corn, and cheese).
  • Tuna Salad Kit: is rather small, but nice, including fruits, applesauce, and crackers.
  • Southwestern Chicken with Rice: is good when traveling and tastes rather good.


  • Spaghetti with Meatballs: the meatballs are incredible.
  • Chicken Fajitas: it tastes good with Greek yogurt, salsa, pepper, and onions.
  • Rising Crust Pizza: is a rather tasty veggie one.
  • Sesame Chicken: is breaded chicken with noodles and veggies that tastes pretty good.
  • Homestyle Chicken Casserole: nice chicken with sauce.
  • Traditional Lasagna: is full of yumminess.

Additional Dairy and Veggies:

For the first time, you may need some extra food to satisfy your food craving, so veggies, salad, and fruits are included in the diet. They are fresh and taste well. Enjoy!

Desserts and Snacks:

You can have 3 snacks per day and one extra snack, according to the rules of this diet plan. The followers claim that a peanut butter snack is rather tasty. There are also lime pie, tortilla chips, cookies, and cream cheesecake, which is rather good too. You may also enjoy cheddar popcorn and lemon cooler cookies.

So how does Jenny Craig food taste?

According to Jenny Craig food taste reviews, in general, the products taste good. The customers are quite satisfied with their quality, however, some of them claim that they would avoid eating some of the diet's food choices. However, they can do it, if they want because the diet is not too strict and crazy.

All things considered, now you are aware does Jenny Craig food taste good or not. The diet is well-developed and considerable. The plan is rather wise and easy to follow. Besides, many clients are satisfied with the way the products taste and their quality. What is more, the price of such a plan is rather affordable for almost everyone.

Stay slim and healthy! Have a great diet time!